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Request for Free Service Questionnaire

NETcinity is determined to "keep business local", and has patented a technology to help ensure that is always happening in communities around the globe. You were driven to this private link because one of our local NETcinity representatives is coordinating the insertion of our new Bluetooth beacon network in your community. Our company believes that Chamber entities many times need all the help they can get with building strong relationships with the public, and your local small businesses. With that said, our company is willing to issue the Chamber of Commerce with a free service from our company. No strings attached.
Please take a moment to carefully fill in the information requested as accurately as possible. This info MUST be 100% accurate in order to fulfill the request.

One of our staff members with NETcinity will be contacting you from our Sulphur Springs, Texas offices to confirm the request before sending your equipment.

If you are unsure of this process, or have questions, please contact the local NETcinity representative that sent you to this form for a complete explanation.

Trinity Proximity Inc d/b/a/ NETcinity reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or person at anytime. There are no contracts, no terms, and no payments associated with this offer. Only one service per chamber is allowed.