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Request for Free Service Questionnaire

NETcinity is determined to "keep business local", and has patented a technology to help ensure that is always happening in communities around the globe. You were referred to this link because one of our NETcinity representatives is coordinating the insertion of our new Bluetooth beacon network in to your community.
With that said, our company would like to issue login credentials to our local community mobile APP's "News & Events" section. This will allow access at no charge for updating public communication between the local community, and the local Chamber of Commerce or city entity. No strings attached.
Please take a moment to carefully fill in the information requested as accurately as possible. This info MUST be 100% accurate in order to fulfill the request.

One of our staff members with NETcinity will be contacting you from our Sulphur Springs, Texas offices to confirm the request before setting up your online portal on, or before February 15th, 2018.

If you are unsure of this process or have questions, please contact your NETcinity representative that sent you to this form for a complete explanation.
Please also understand that every community across the nation will have a local NETcinity mobile APP assigned to their exact community and will display all community news & events directly on the mobile APP home screen. NETcinity will need a local entity in charge of the information that displays within that section of the mobile APP, and would strongly prefer to give that access to local Chambers of Commerce or the local city entity. 
Chamber News Image
The above image demonstrates where the local events that your chamber/city entity inputs will appear. Local Chambers of Commerce or city entity's will be issued online secure login credentials via an online portal where they may input any/all upcoming events, dates, and descriptions which will then be automatically displayed on the NETcinity mobile APP home screen of all local NETcinity mobile APP users. (see image examples above)
The online access rights to this NETcinity service is 100% free of any charges to all chambers or city entity's within the United States. There are no contracts, no monetary obligations, and no strings attached. Please understand that your local chamber's involvement with posting upcoming community events will create a better experience with our NETcinity mobile APP, which will in turn better the experience for all end users of the NETcinity APP within your community.
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Trinity Proximity Inc d/b/a/ NETcinity reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or person at any time. There are no contracts, no terms, and no payments associated with this offer. Only one service per chamber is allowed.