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Request for Free Service Questionnaire

Trinity Proximity Inc d/b/a/ NETcinity upholds a strong moral belief that communities are stronger when local religious institutions have a strong local presence. And, community connections are the number one goal with our company! Placing the power of digital communication back in to the hands of local entities using the latest technology is a great way to engage with people locally. In fact our entire NETcinity business model is designed to engage local individuals with their local businesses and "keep local people shopping locally".
The local Community mobile APP that NETcinity provides for the local residents is the same platform that local businesses use to drive business in to their establishments. This Community APP is a free download on mobile APP stores for the local residents. Since a considerable amount of local residents use the local Community APP on their mobile devices, we feel it makes a great connectivity tool for the local Churches in the area as well! Our primary intention with providing this service at no charge to your Church is to drive more local residents in to your worship congregations each week. Thus improving your community!
Our company would like the opportunity to send your Church or religious institution one of our Bluetooth Beacon Platforms (GOLD PLATFORM) at no charge to your Church. This will allow your Church to not only communicate with passing mobile devices (via your community's local Community APP) , but will also allow you to communicate with your current members as they enter your place of worship. Weekly member bulletins, scriptures, and service times are some of the great ways to communicate with the general public, and members alike right on their mobile devices!
Please take a moment to carefully fill in the information requested as accurately as possible. This info MUST be 100% accurate in order to fulfill the request.

One of our staff members with NETcinity will be contacting you from our Sulphur Springs, Texas offices to confirm the request before sending your equipment.

Please know that our company is not in every region of the world at this time. We will only be able to offer our service at no charge to Churches in the regions where NETcinity has already built a local Community APP, since the local Community APP is required before our Bluetooth Beacon Network will work in your community.

If you are unsure of this process, or have questions, please contact the local NETcinity representative that sent you to this form for a complete explanation. Or you may contact our corporate offices at (866) 297-1038 and request to speak with our Chief Revenue Officer about the process.

Trinity Proximity Inc d/b/a/ NETcinity reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or person at anytime. There are no contracts, no terms, and no payments associated with this offer. Only one service per church or religious institution is allowed.